Imagine Umbria-Tuscany


About me


“Finding my beautiful house in Paciano, Umbria, felt like coming home. The welcoming people, the beautiful countryside and the peace and tranquillity all filled my heart with joy. I try to capture that feeling in my art.”

I am an award-winning artist and specialist in photopainting – taking my own photographs and developing them digitally in order to tell a story or create a mood. I recently held a three month exhibition of my work in my adopted home town of Paciano.

Living near the border with Tuscany, I am able to travel between the two regions of Umbria and Tuscany, capturing photographs of architecture, local landmarks and scenery. My work sells internationally but there is a demand for my prints locally so this website was developed aimed at that market.

I have a large portfolio of work for sale that you can see at my online gallery. If you are interested in a print from my wider portfolio that is not shown as available on the website just get in touch using the contact form and I will do my best to accommodate you.

My art website talks about my art in general, the various outlets for my work, my healing art activities and provides a link to my blog.

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