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The Umbria collection

Umbria is referred to as ‘Il cuore verde d’Italia’ (The green heart of Italy). This comes from a poem written in 1876 by Giosuè Carducci called ‘Lei fonti del Clitumno’ where the now famous verse says:

Salve, Umbria verde, e tu del puro fonte
nume Clitumno! Sento in cuor l’antica
patria e aleggiarmi su l’accesa fronte
gl’itali iddii.

(Hail, green Umbria, and you the fount of god Clitumnus. I feel in my heart the ancient home, my fevered brow touched by the olden gods of Italy.)

Umbria is the only Italian region not to have a coastline or a border with another country. It is a place full of history, with beautiful medieval hill towns, Etruscan tombs, lakes, mountains, wonderful people and fabulous food, all captured in the images presented here.

The available prints are listed by town or place, just click on each image to see what is available.

More towns and villages will be added to the collection.

Castiglione del Lago
26 Castiglione del Lago prints
Città della Pieve
30 Città della Pieve prints
13 Paciano prints
22 Panicale prints
Passignano sul Trasimeno
20 Passignano sul Trasimeno prints
Sant' Arcangelo
6 Sant' Arcangelo prints
9 Tavernelle prints
6 Vaiano prints
5 Villastrada prints
Lago Trasimeno
17 Lago Trasimeno prints
Travelling Around Umbria
23 Travelling Around Umbria prints